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Ali Nagiyev

Azerbaijani officials and families

Ali Nagiyev received €25,000 (US$32,642) in a Czech account from Metastar Invest between December 2012 and July 2013.

Ali Nagiyev is the deputy chief of the Anti-Corruption General Directorate with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He was dismissed in 2011 from his previous position as the deputy minister of national security, reportedly after conflict with then-minister Eldar Mahmudov, but quickly resurfaced in his current position.

His brother, Vali Nagiyev, is the first deputy chief of the State Migration Service. Ali Nagiyev’s son, Ilham, was the chief of the Human Resources Department in the Ministry of Education until August 2016.

In violation of government policy, Nagiyev and his family control businesses around the world, including in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and have assets in the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Nagiyev would not comment for the article. A spokesperson for the Prosecutor General said that Ali Nagiyev is an effective fighter against corruption and dismissed any claims to the contrary as “allegations from envious people.” After reporters for OCCRP sought comment from the Nagiyevs, they were contacted by another Azerbaijani journalist who asked for a meeting “to discuss how to stop the article.” He said he was acting at the Nagiyevs’ request.

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