The Making of an Investigative Reporter

khadija info As the $ 8 billion spectacle of the European Games winds down to a close on Friday, the world has gotten a close-up look at the oil-rich nation of Azerbaijan.

How Azerbaijan Built a Stealth Lobbyist

lobbyst-profile-info When Azerbaijan needed a good lobbyist in Washington, it built one—and ever since, she has gone out of her way to hide her deep connections to the ruling regime.

The People Behind Bars in Baku

prison In Azerbaijan today, at least 80 people are jailed on what human rights groups say are bogus, politically motivated charges.

New Khadija Project website launches

azerbaijani first family big on banking Azerbaijan hopes to dazzle the world with the first-ever European Games, opening with a lavish ceremony in Baku.

As journalists from across Europe descend on the oil-rich state, President Ilham Aliyev is banking on them to show the ancient city’s transformation to a 21st century playground.

OCCRP, global reporters release first “Khadija Project” stories

Ilham-Aliyev When Azerbaijani investigative reporter Khadija Ismayilova was jailed in Baku last December on trumped-up charges, her colleagues believed the real reason for her incarceration was her reporting on rapacious business deals involving the family and friends of President Ilham Aliyev.