So Long, 2015

end-2015 The challenge of investigative reporting is to always be a little ahead of the game.  The people we write about are very smart, often wealthy and powerful and indubitably ruthless.  I often feel like OCCRP is a tiny sailboat heading into dark, swirling storm clouds on high seas.

OCCRP Wins Global Shining Light Award

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) has won first place in this year’s Global Shining Light Award at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) in Norway.

The Making of an Investigative Reporter

khadija info As the $ 8 billion spectacle of the European Games winds down to a close on Friday, the world has gotten a close-up look at the oil-rich nation of Azerbaijan.

How Azerbaijan Built a Stealth Lobbyist

lobbyst-profile-info When Azerbaijan needed a good lobbyist in Washington, it built one—and ever since, she has gone out of her way to hide her deep connections to the ruling regime.

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