OCCRP Deplores Violence Against OCCRP Reporter

OCCRP deplores the use of violence by supporters of the government of Ukraine against Hromadske.TV and OCCRP reporter Dmytro Gnap.  Gnap was beaten up by what Hromadske.TV said were paid provocateurs near Mariinsky Park in Central Kyiv.  Gnap and fellow journalist Yakiv Lyubchych were attacked and Gnap’s camera was broken and his memory card taken.

Gnap and other journalists are covering the EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv. Gnap returned to the newsroom and is quoted in local media as saying incident. “There were a lot of them. Ten to fifteen hands clung to my hood. They were beating me everywhere on the body. I was trying to defend myself," he said.  Gnap said policemen protecting EuroMaidan were threatened by the men saying they would be fired.

The media seeks to explain to the people of Ukraine what is happening.  Violence against the media is the tool of violent, autocratic regimes and not regimes seeking democratic goals.  We encourage the government of Ukraine to create an environment where journalists are safe to do their work.