Anand Mangnale

Anand Mangnale

Regional Editor, South Asia

Based in India, Anand Mangnale joined OCCRP in 2021 as a regional editor for South Asia and oversees investigations into corporate fraud and government corruption and human rights abuses. Anand has worked on several investigations exposing corporate and government corruption, abuse of power, and government misinformation and fake news campaigns.

Prior to joining OCCRP, he co-founded and was a director at Our Democracy, an online crowdfunding platform promoting transparency and accountability in political funding in India. Anand was a partnerships and strategy consultant with online news platform, focusing on exposing corporate fraud and corruption. He also co-authored “The Drugged State of Punjab,” a book about the drug menace in the Indian state of Punjab.

Anand has a master’s degree in media, campaigning, and social change from the University of Westminster in London.

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