OCCRP Expands Geographic Reach By Hiring Kevin G. Hall as First North America Editor

Published: 25 August 2021

Kevin G. HallKevin G. Hall.


OCCRP is expanding editorial operations into the U.S. and Canada and has named award-winning investigative journalist Kevin G. Hall as its first North America editor. Hall will be based in Washington, D.C., and will lead OCCRP investigations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. He will also work with more than 40 editors around the world on cross-border investigations and build collaborations and partnerships with key North American media outlets.

Hall joins OCCRP from McClatchy, where he was the chief economics correspondent and a senior investigator. As a lead reporter with the Miami Herald, he was on the team with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that was awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for the Panama Papers, a project OCCRP also worked on. McClatchy-Miami Herald is a longtime OCCRP publishing partner, and Hall has worked with OCCRP on several investigations, including #29Leaks, Fraud Factory, and OpenLux.

North America figures prominently in the global ecosystem of grand corruption and transnational crime. Massive amounts of dirty money flow through the U.S. financial system, enabling kleptocrats, criminals, and terrorists to move illicit funds around the world. Criminal and stolen assets are often invested in U.S. banks, hedge funds, and real estate.

“We’re excited to have Kevin on board to close the circle on global illicit money flows,” said OCCRP Publisher Drew Sullivan. “An unhealthy chunk of this dark money ends up in the U.S. and is used to fund agents of foreign influence, political parties, disinformation campaigns, and election interference efforts, all of which threaten democracy and national security.”

"In my collaborations with OCCRP, I have always been struck by the bravery of its intrepid reporters in the face of real dangers,” said Hall. “It's an honor to join their ranks as the North America editor in the pursuit of accountability journalism that brings about real change.”

“This expansion marks a significant step toward fulfilling our global cross-border model and following the money to tell the whole story,” said Camille Eiss, Chief of Global Partnerships and Policy at OCCRP.

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