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wire fraud

  • US: Two Time Murderer Receives Additional 40 Years for Financial Crimes

    A convicted murderer serving two consecutive life sentences received an additional 40 years in prison  for fraud and money laundering, which stemmed from his theft of millions of dollars from his clients during his time as a U.S. personal injury attorney.

  • US: CEO of Bitcoin Platform Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

    A German national wasarraigned Friday in U.S. federal court on securities fraud charges that implicate him as the head of a multi-million dollarcryptocurrencyPonzi scheme.

  • US: Fifth Member in Off-Road Tire Ponzi Scheme Pleads Guilty

    A New Jersey man returned to the U.S. from Turkey last week to plead guilty to his part in a nationwide off-road tire Ponzi scheme that defrauded millions from his victims, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio reported.

  • US: Another Feeding Our Future Fraudster Pleads Guilty

    Another defendant in the US$250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme pleaded guilty Wednesday, bringing the total to 17 who have confessed to stealing millions from a U.S. federal program designed to feed needy children in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Elderly Victims Defrauded of Millions: California Man and Others Sentenced for Investment Fraud

    A Californian court sentenced a man to four years in prison for helping set up an investment fraud scheme through which he and his co-conspirators stole millions from elderly and vulnerable people.

  • Man Convicted in International Scheme that Defrauded Lawyers in the US

    A U.S. court convicted a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Nigeria of wire fraud involving a so-called ‘attorney collection scheme’ that left U.S.-based attorneys without US$20 million, the Office of the United States Attorney of the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced Monday.

  • Former Coinbase Manager Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading Scheme

    A former manager at the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase Global, Inc. pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy to commit wire fraud as part of an insider crypto trading scheme, a plea which the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) calls the first of its kind.

  • Russian Oligarch’s Property Manager Charged over Helping Violate U.S. Sanctions

    A British businessman was arrested on U.S. charges of conspiring to evade sanctions imposed on a Russian oligarch, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ)said on Tuesday.

  • 76 Year Old Vegas Man Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Cheque Scheme

    A federal jury indicted a 76-year-old man from Las Vegas for partnering with foreign telemarketers to steal financial information from American consumers, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said Friday.

  • US: Gambino Crime Family Captain Jailed for Racketeering

    A U.S. judge sentenced a high-ranking member of the infamous Gambino Crime Family to more than three years in prison and ordered him to pay US$1 million in restitution as well as a $15,000 fine after the mafioso pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, the Department of Justice said.

  • US Charges Operators of Fraudulent Political Action Committees

    U.S. prosecutors charged three men with varying counts of wire fraud and money laundering committed in a scheme to solicit donations through fraudulent political action committees (PACs) during the 2016 election cycle, the U.S. Department of Justice announced in a statement Monday.

  • US Sentences First Tax Evader Revealed in Panama Papers

    A judge in the Southern District of New York sentenced a former U.S. resident to four years in prison on Monday, making him the first taxpayer in the United States to be incarcerated for crimes revealed in the Panama Papers investigation.

  • Ex Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Charged with Fraud

    A court in New York charged on Thursday Steve Bannon, the controversial former chief strategist for U.S. president Donald Trump, with fraud in connection with a fundraising campaign aimed to build a wall between Mexico and the United States.

  • US: SEC Suspends Former KPMG Partner

    The US financial regulatory agencysuspended an accountant on Wednesday following a year-long prison sentence he received for having illicitly acquired confidential information about when and how KPMG, the accounting firm he worked for, would be inspected in order improve results. 

    KPMG Headquarters Photo Credit: Line Ørstavik (CC BY 2.0)KPMG Headquarters Photo Credit: Line Ørstavik (CC BY 2.0)The US Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, barred David Middendorf from practicing accounting in the three states he previously was certified in -- Georgia, New York, and Ohio. 

     Middendorf served as a former national managing partner for audit quality at the “Big Four” accounting firm, KPMG, at the time the firm fared poorly in inspections conducted by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, PCAOB, a nonprofit corporation overseen by the SEC that inspects the audit work performed by registered accounting firms.

     Under the leadership of Middendorf, several employees worked to improve the firm’s performance by recruiting and hiring former PCAOB employees and obtaining information on which KPMG audits would be inspected, according to the Department of Justice

    Jeffery Wada, an inspection leader at the PCAOB provided Cynthia Holder, a former PCAOB employee who was hired by KPMG, with confidential information about future audits on the company’s findings. 

     “I have the grocery list… All the things you’ll need for the year,” Wada texted Holder, in reference to the entire 2017 final confidential  inspection selections. Holder shared this information to Brian Sweet, another former PCAOB employee who had joined KPMG, who then passed the information on to Middendorf. 

     Authorities arrested the group in 2018 and charged them with conspiracy and wire fraud.

     A US$50 million fine was also issued to KPMG by the SEC last summer for altering past audit work. The firm was also ordered to hire an independent consultant “to review and assess the firm’s ethics and integrity controls and its compliance with various undertakings,” a press release by the agency stated. 

    “The breadth and seriousness of the misconduct at issue here is, frankly, astonishing,” Steven Peikin, Co-Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division, said in the same press release. “This settlement reflects the need to severely punish this sort of wrongdoing while putting in place measures designed to prevent its recurrence.”

  • US: Nebraska Deputy Sheriff Accused of US$11 Million Fraud

    A Nebraska sheriff’s deputy was indicted for fraud in a scheme that authorities say cost his victims nearly US$11 million, according to a Department of Justice release.

  • New York Hedge Fund Manager Arrested in US$ 19 Million Ponzi Scheme

    A New York hedge fund manager was arrested on Thursday and charged with stealing more than US$ 19 million from investors and then spending much of it on his own lavish lifestyle, the US Justice Department said.

  • United States: Western Union Admits to Helping Wire Fraud; Will Pay US$ 586 Million to Victims

    Western Union has agreed to pay US$ 586 million for willingly allowing criminals to use its services for money laundering and fraud, federal authorities announced Thursday.

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