• Laundromat Money Leads to Spanish Paradise

    Celebrities and royals have long flocked to the palm-fringed Spanish village of S’Agaro, about 100 kilometers up the coast from Barcelona. Now it attracts Russian statesmen– and their money.


  • The Senator's Superyacht Spending Spree

    A wealthy Russian politician funded his maritime passions through a complex network of offshore companies set up by Troika Dialog.


  • Dutch Arm of Troika Laundromat Sent Millions to Putin’s Friend

    A company registered in a residential row house in a small Dutch town appears to have been part of a recently revealed Russian money laundering scheme that moved billions of dollars to the west, the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw discovered.

  • Death in Vienna

    Perhaps one of the most powerful tales of the Troika Laundromat comes from a dead man: a Viennese lawyer who regretted his involvement in the scheme — and whose body turned up in an Austrian forest.


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