troika laundromat

  • The Real-Life Laundromats

    Now that Meryl Streep is involved, there’s no denying it: Money laundering is a hot topic. In the new Netflix film, “The Laundromat,” the legendary Hollywood actress plays an ordinary woman who falls victim to an insurance scam that — as her dogged investigation reveals — is linked to an illicit financial network that spans the globe.


  • How Russian ‘Blood Money’ Flowed Into Montenegro

    Montenegro aspires to join the EU. But banking documents from the Troika Laundromat show that the country is a destination for millions of illicit dollars from Russia — and expose how the money was moved.

  • How IOS Group Supersized the Shell Company Game

    Multiple financial scandals uncovered in recent years have relied on the shadowy world of offshore shell companies to make them work. In case after case, the schemes have one thing in common: The companies were created by a corporate formation agent called IOS Group.

  • The Troika Laundromat’s Friendly EU Banker

    Troika Dialog, once Russia’s largest private investment bank, couldn’t have set up and run the Troika Laundromat without Vladimir Romanov’s Ukio Bankas. The lender shuttled billions of dollars through secretive offshore companies to benefit Russia’s elite.

  • PACE: We Must Act Against Money-Laundering ‘Laundromats’

    Citing money-laundering scandals such as the ‘Global Laundromat,’ the ‘Azerbaijani Laundromat’ and the ‘Troika Laundromat’ the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has urged swift and substantial action to strengthen anti-money laundering provisions and improve international cooperation in the fight against such ‘laundromats.’

  • Laundromat Money Leads to Spanish Paradise

    Celebrities and royals have long flocked to the palm-fringed Spanish village of S’Agaro, about 100 kilometers up the coast from Barcelona. Now it attracts Russian statesmen– and their money.


  • The Senator's Superyacht Spending Spree

    A wealthy Russian politician funded his maritime passions through a complex network of offshore companies set up by Troika Dialog.


  • EU Lawmakers Demand Sanctions Against Troika Laundromat Bankers

    Over twenty members of the European Parliament demanded on Thursday sanctions against two bankers whose banks were involved in a money-laundering scheme that has moved billions of dollars from Russia to the west.

  • Kremlin Dismisses Troika Allegations

    The Kremlin dismissed on Monday allegations that the Troika Laundromat channelled billions of dollars out of Russia, claiming the revelations contain nothing new.

  • In Troika’s Wake, Some Action, Some Waffling

    A week after the publishing of the Troika Laundromat investigation sent shockwaves through Europe, implicating major Western banks, Prince Charles, Putin’s childhood friend, and US$4.6 billion of dirty Russian money, European bank shares tumbled, authorities launched investigations and officials split over whether more actions should be taken.

  • Money for Nothing: Putin Friend Sergei Roldugin Enriched by Troika Laundromat

    A Russian cellist and childhood friend of Vladimir Putin received at least $69 million from Troika Laundromat companies. He earned $11.6 million from cancellation fees for 16 consecutive stock deals.

  • Troika Laundromat Fallout Hits Austrian Banks

    Russia’s expanding money laundering scandal spread to Austria on Tuesday, as the fallout from the Troika Laundromat echoed across the continent.

  • UK Struggling with Money Laundering Measures

    The same day the OCCRP revealed new evidence of the global extent of money laundering networks, the UK government dropped a scheduled debate on an amendment to the Financial Services Bill which would force greater transparency into the use of crown dependencies as tax havens.

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