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  • Italy-led Operation Busts Crime Ring Spanning Europe

    In a sweeping operation on Wednesday, authorities arrested 17 Turkish nationals—14 in Italy and three across other European countries—cracking down on a criminal organization linked to murders, migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, and counterfeit cigarette smuggling across Europe.

  • Bosnia Arrests Dutch-Iraqi Suspected Human Trafficker

    Bosnia and Herzegovina’s law enforcement have apprehended a Dutch citizen of Iraqi descent suspected of orchestrating a criminal network that smugged more than 1,500 Iraqi nationals to the EU accruing a substantial illicit financial profit in the process.

  • Bosnia Cracks Down on International Drug Cartel; Police Officials Among Suspects

    Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina detained 22 people, including high-ranking police officers, suspected of being linked to an international drug cartel led by Edin Gačanin, a Bosnia-born man last seen in Dubai and believed to have orchestrated massive cocaine hauls from South America to Europe.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Busts Fake Diplomas Ring

    Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina arrested six people suspected of trafficking counterfeit university diplomas in cooperation with an Italian professor from Sicily who appears to be the mastermind of the scheme.

  • Bosnia Arrests 4 Afghans for Kidnapping

    Four Afghan nationals have been arrested in Sarajevo and charged with kidnapping three other foreigners and holding them for ransom.

  • Bosnian Police Seize Cocaine Concealed in Bananas

    Bosnia and Herzegovina's law enforcement authorities have seized 124 kilograms of cocaine that was concealed in packages of bananas mistakenly delivered to a trade company that had neither ordered the cocaine, nor the bananas.

  • Bosnian Authorities Bust Group Selling Fake Diplomas

    Law enforcement in Bosnia and Herzegovinadetained 11 people suspected of “organized crime, illegal trade, and money laundering” in connection with the sale of fraudulent university diplomas that were not based on genuine study.

  • Bosnian Authorities Detain Money Launderers

    In a massive operation throughout 35 different locations in Sarajevo and central Bosnia on Wednesday, authorities detained 14 people suspected of organized crime, money laundering, fraud and business fraud, as well as abuse of power.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Arrests 26 Suspected Tobacco Traffickers

    Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina said they arrested 26 people suspected of being members of an organized crime group that illegally trafficked tobacco and laundered money.

  • Bosnian Raspberry Farm Granted Contract to buy Ventilators

    Because emergency situations like the coronavirus pandemic allow for less transparent procurement procedures, Bosnia so far saw a publishing company purchasing face masks for Central Bank staff, a tourist agency providing equipment to medical institutions and similar, previously unimaginable, combinations.

  • Bosnian Police Bust International Drug Smuggling Ring

    Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina arrested on Tuesday six people suspected of belonging to an international gang that smuggled drugs from Albania to the European Union over Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

  • SIPA Pulls Off Giant Pot Seizure in Central Bosnia

    In the largest drug seizure in at least several years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, police have confiscated some 400 kilograms of skunk (cannabis) worth several million dollars in the central Bosnian town of Gornji Vakuf, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) said in astatement Monday.

  • Bosnia: Police Seize 300 kilograms of Cannabis

    Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have seized about 300 kilograms of cannabis worth about two million euros (US$2.227 millions), and are looking for two people who are linked to the drugs, the State Prosecution Office said.

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