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  • Former Money Laundering Suspect Shot Dead in Canada

    Armed assailants have killed one man and injured another at a restaurant in British Columbia, with local press identifying the victims as former suspects in a large-scale money laundering investigation.

  • Montenegro: Series of mafia conflicts in ancient town of Kotor, additional police forces sent

    The security situation in Kotor, a city under the protection of UNESCO, culminated last week when unknown perpetrators in just two days shot twice at Milos Radonjic, a member of one of Kotor’s mafia clans, who was previously wounded in a shootout 10 days ago. In the last few months Kotor has been affected by numerous shootings between criminal organizations, which is why the Ministry of Internal Affairs on several occasions sent additional police forces to the city.

  • Albania: MP Arrested After 'Opening Fire on Constituents'

    Albanian police have arrested a member of Parliament suspected of opening fire with a pistol and injuring one of his constituents, during a brawl over fishing rights to a local lagoon.

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