russian laundromat

  • Danske Bank Offered Russian Clients Gold to Hide Money

    Danske bank offered gold bars to wealthy clients to help them hide illicit Russian funds, according to documents seen by Bloomberg.


  • The Real-Life Laundromats

    Now that Meryl Streep is involved, there’s no denying it: Money laundering is a hot topic. In the new Netflix film, “The Laundromat,” the legendary Hollywood actress plays an ordinary woman who falls victim to an insurance scam that — as her dogged investigation reveals — is linked to an illicit financial network that spans the globe.


  • Deutsche Bank: Lawbreaking Likely in Russian Laundromat

    An internal investigation found that Deutsche Bank may have breached anti-corruption regulations through its involvement in money laundering and that it could face penalties, while its senior management could risk prosecution.

  • PACE: We Must Act Against Money-Laundering ‘Laundromats’

    Citing money-laundering scandals such as the ‘Global Laundromat,’ the ‘Azerbaijani Laundromat’ and the ‘Troika Laundromat’ the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has urged swift and substantial action to strengthen anti-money laundering provisions and improve international cooperation in the fight against such ‘laundromats.’

  • Germany Seizes 50 Mil Euros of Russian Laundromat Loot

    German authorities announced on Wednesday they seized 50 million euros (US$56.7 million) believed to be derived from the “Russian Laundromat” - an international money laundering scheme exposed in 2014 by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

  • Deutsche Bank Investigated for Role in Danske Scandal

    Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Deutsche Bank is being investigated as part of the ongoing US Federal Reserve probe of Danske Bank’s alleged facilitation of money laundering operations.

  • Daily Beast: Danske Bank Scandal Whistleblower Allegedly Killed

    In 2006, the first deputy chairman of the Russian Central Bank, Andrei Kozlov, attempted to tell authorities in Estonia about a money-laundering scheme that had been created in the Baltic financial system. Three months later he was dead, age 44, and the scheme would later be revealed as the US$200 billion Danske Bankscandal, according to the Daily Beast.

  • UK Plans to Scuttle Loophole Used for Money Laundering

    The United Kingdom announced that it plans to close a 100 year loophole to stop the flow of dirty money through the country, British media reported on Sunday.

  • UK Goes Afters Corruption Suspects With Suspicious Wealth

    The UK will force people owning property worth more than £50,000 (US$70,000) who have suspected links to organized crime or are vulnerable to graft as a result of their political position to explain where they got their money from, The Times reported on Saturday.

  • Senior Moldovan Judge’s Daughter Lived In Posh London Flat -- With Tainted Money

    The central London apartment where Mihaela Muruianu once lived.The central London apartment where Mihaela Muruianu once lived.

    The daughter of a top Moldovan judge lived large in London thanks to 1.6 million lei (US$ 130,000) that was channeled through two companies involved in the Russian Laundromat -- a massive money laundering scheme that pumped billions of dollars through Moldova from Russia.

  • Russian Laundromat Investigation Targets Royal Bank of Scotland

    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) disclosed Friday that it is under investigation by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority for suspicions of money laundering "in relation to certain customers."

  • New UK Laws Combat Money Laundering Through Scottish Limited Partnerships

    New UK legislation goes into effect Monday regulating Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs), a unique corporate structure that has been increasingly abused by money launderers.

  • Laundromat


    Three years ago, OCCRP exposed the “Russian Laundromat” - an immense financial fraud scheme that enabled vast sums to be pumped out of Russia. The money was laundered and moved into Europe and beyond through bribery and a clever exploitation of the Moldovan legal system.

  • Moldova Says Russia is Hampering Money Laundering Investigation

    The Moldovan government accused Russian authorities of trying to obstruct an investigation into the role of Moldovan judges and other officials in the laundering of US$ 22 billion of Russian organized crime money.

  • Latvian Banks Promote Money Laundering Companies

     BALTIC INTERNATIONAL BANKBaltic International Bank (BIB) (Photo by OCCRP)

    Documents leaked to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) from Latvian banks appear to offer instructions to clients on how to use fake offshore companies associated with the bank to launder money or evade taxes.

  • Latvia: European Central Bank Revokes Trasta Komercbanka License

    The Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) said Thursday that the European Central Bank (ECB) has revoked Trasta Komercbanka’s license effective immediately.

  • Latvia: Regulators Rein In Trasta Komercbanka

    The Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) said on Friday that it would set “operational restrictions” on Trasta Komercbanka barring the bank from carrying out debit transactions in any currency, including through online banking, ATMs, and by cash to customers for any amount in excess of € 100,000 (US$ 108,000).  

  • Russia: ‘Billion Dollar Laundromat Chief’ Busted at the Dinner Table

    Russia's "shadow banker" Alexander Grigoriev has been arrested while dining with his girlfriend in the glamourous restaurant he part-owns in Moscow.

    On Friday, Oct. 30, agents from Russia’s domestic intelligence body the FSB, along with anti-corruption officers and special forces, raided Sfera restaurant and clapped the 48-year-old in handcuffs as he lay on the ground, reports national newspaper Kommersant.

  • Grand Theft Moldova

    The bank theft was so outsized and bold that citizens of the Republic of Moldova came out in the streets this past May by the thousands to protest: “We want our billion back!”

    They used the number -- US$ 1 billion – that news accounts reported had gone missing from three Moldovan banks in November of 2014.  Unsure who to blame, the protestors denounced the government, politicians, banks and organized crime.

  • Moldova: 8 Foreigners Arrested in Suspected Money-Laundering Ring

    Eight foreigners have been arrested by officers of Moldova’s National Anti-Corruption Center on suspicion of money laundering, while a ninth suspect remains under police observation while hospitalized for an undisclosed ailment.

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