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  • Putin’s Bodyguards Rewarded with Land and Power

    Once responsible just for his physical security, President Putin’s bodyguards now have impressive titles — and land worth many millions in Russia’s most expensive region. The workers and pensioners who previously held the property say they were swindled out of it.

    Illustration: Natalya YamshikovaIllustration: Natalya Yamshchikova

  • Three Bodyguards and Their Riches

    Three of President Putin’s top bodyguards appear to have been amply rewarded for their loyalty with some of Russia’s most valuable land.

    Illustration: Natalya YamshikovaIllustration: Natalya Yamshchikova

  • Putin’s Top Bodyguard Finds His Way in St. Petersburg

    How Viktor Zolotov rose through the ranks, came to work for Putin, and met senior underworld figures in 1990s St. Petersburg.

    St. Petersburg. (Photo: Pixabay)St. Petersburg. (Photo: Pixabay)

  • The Brotherhood of Killers and Cops

    At first glance, it appears an unlikely story thought up in a movie studio. In Russia, Aslan “Big Brother” Gagiyev is called the “No. 1 killer.” He was the architect of the “Family,”  an elite murder squad that killed dozens and included high-ranking law enforcement officials among its ranks. Novaya Gazeta reporter Roman Anin sat down with Gagiyev to hear his story.

    Credit: Novaya GazetaPhoto by Svetlana Vidanova, Novaya Gazeta.

  • OCCRP Supports Novaya Gazeta Reporter’s Appeal to Remain in Russia, Condemns Any Abuse While Detained

    15400349 1963991403828044 2646506644663328878 nUzbek journalist Ali Feruz (Photo: Facebook)The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) expresses deep concern over the possible deportation of Novaya Gazeta reporter Khudoberdi Nurmatov, better known by his pen name Ali Feruz, to Uzbekistan. OCCRP also condemns any abuse against Feruz while he is detained.

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