• Cash-Strapped Jordan Targets Premium Tax Evaders

    Jordan’s recent crackdown against corruption and tax evasion has left the country’s previously untouchable business and political elite flabbergasted by the sudden raids of their homes and offices.

    Adding insult to injury, images and information of the raids and investigations were leaked to websites and circulated on social media to the amusement of the public.

    A busy intersection in downtown Amman, Jordan’s capital and political center.A busy intersection in downtown Amman, Jordan’s capital and political center. (Credit: Yadid Levy / Alamy Stock Photo)

  • Jordan: Military Intelligence Summons Columnist over Op-Ed

    Jordanian military intelligence summoned on Sunday a columnist for a “talk” after he published a piece claiming the country won’t be able to pay public servants in May, sources told OCCRP.

  • Jordan Releases TV Bosses who Aired Story Critical of Government

    In an controversial set of moves, the Jordanian military released on Sunday two executives of a private TV station who were arrested three days earlier for broadcasting a report about people who are suffering financial difficulties due to the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

  • Fake Cigarette Ring Exposes Jordan’s Corruption Woes

    A high-profile trial against businessmen, a former minister, and two dozen accomplices shines a spotlight on illicit cigarette production, widespread smuggling, and the government’s struggle to hold its officials accountable.

    (Credit: Edin Pasovic)(Credit: Edin Pasovic)

  • Jordan: Public Outrage Over Illegal Tobacco Operation

    Jordanians are calling for inquiries after rumors emerged that politicians were involved in a multi-million dollar illegal cigarette production ring, Al-Jazeera reported Monday.

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