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hobby lobby

  • Hobby Lobby Hands Over Legendary Tablet to be Returned to Iraq

    In a long awaited move, the U.S-based arts and craft store Hobby Lobby forfeited a rare cuneiform tablet to authorities who plan to return it to Iraq along with some 17,000 other suspected smuggled and looted artifacts in what will be the largest restitution of illegally acquired cultural property in history. 

  • US Arts and Crafts Store sues Christie’s for Selling Stolen Artifact

    After having paid massive fines and having returned thousands of questionably acquired antiquities, Hobby Lobby, a US based arts and crafts chain which heavily funded the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, is now suing Christie’s for the US$1.6 million they had paid for a 3,500 years-old cuneiform tablet from Iraq that turned out to have been stolen.

  • Israel Arrests Five Ancient Antique Dealers in US Smuggling Scandal

    Israeli police Sunday arrested five antiquity dealers in East Jerusalem, seizing relics that date back millennia in connection to a smuggling scandal involving the US arts and crafts chain store Hobby Lobby.

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