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British Army

  • Kenya Holds Hearings on British Army Abuses

    At 13, Lioska Lesasuyan had his eye blown out and lost both his arms when he started playing with a rock on the ground, which turned out to be a British army explosive device.

  • King Charles in Kenya: Thousands of Victims Awaiting Compensation for 2021 British Army Fire

    During his recent trip to Kenya, King Charles addressed colonial atrocities meted out by the British government. But his visit failed to hasten justice for a more recent incident –– a 2021 fire started by the British army, which consumed 10,000 acres of land and allegedly destroyed the livelihoods of 7,000 people in surrounding villages.

    king-charles-kenyaRegina Wambui’s land looks over the British army’s land on the Lolldaiga Hills. (Photo: Georgia Gee/OCCRP)

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