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Young Scientist Flies High with Leg Up From Putin

A 28-year-old woman previously known for her participation in the sports discipline called acrobatic rock-and-roll is heading a 110 billion ruble (US$ 1.5 billion) project to double the size of Moscow State ...

Official Car Smuggled Drugs, But Nobody Seemed to Care

When a Hyundai sedan assigned to the chairman of the Batumi City Council was involved in a middle-of-the-night drug arrest at the Turkey-Georgia border three years ago, the council chairman was allowed ...

Mystery Company Quickly Wins More Than 120 Tenders

Local officials have never heard of Install Service LLC, the Azerbaijan company that has won the contract to build this road between Jamilliy and Demirchiler. A company that sprang to life three years ...


Grand Theft Moldova

The bank theft was so outsized and bold that citizens of the Republic of Moldova...





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