Chinese Politician Charged

Former chief of the bustling municipality of Chongqing and Communist Party of China (CPC) Secretary Bo Xilai was indicted on corruption charges on Thursday, reports Chinese government press Xinhua News Agency.

Bo is accused of taking bribes, embezzlement, and abuse of power. He was suspended and subsequently expelled from the CPC last year when suspected of covering up his wife's murder of a British businessman.

Bo was considered an influential and rising figure before his wife Gu Kailai became a suspect in the murder of  Neil Heywood. After attempts to cover the scandal up by Bo and the CPC failed, Bo was removed and Gu received a suspended death sentence.

Heywood's death in August 2011 was initially attributed to alcohol poisoning until former Chongqing vice-mayor and police chief Wang Lijun arranged a meeting with the US consulate in Chengu. During the day-long meeting Wang revealed details of corruption and implicated Gu in Heywood's death. Wang now faces a 15-year prison term for defection, abuse of power, and taking bribes.

Bo's bribery and embezzlement are believed to amount to 25 million yuan, or $4 million. According to FOX, Bo's crimes could result in a prison sentence of 15 to 20 years.

Formerly the mayor of Dalian, governor of the Liaoning province and minister of commerce, Bo was known for a high-profile crackdown on crime, according to the BBC. He was considered flamboyant and charismatic and remains popular with some in Chongqing and throughout China.