Kosovo: Ministers Resign In Wake of Corruption Charges

Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Bukoshi and Deputy Minister of Finances Astrit Haraqija have resigned amidst charges of corruption and abuse of power.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thachi officially accepted their “temporary” resignations Monday.

Prosecutors from the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) charged Bukoshi with taking bribes to award major health contracts, while serving as a minister of health. Ten other people were charged with abuse of power while they were working for Kosovo’s Ministry of Health. Haraqija was charged with corruption while he served as minister of culture.

Astrit Haraqija told the press that he and Bukoshi are only resigning until the court proceedings against them concluded. He added that PM Tachi released them from duty for the duration of the trial, but that they will return to their positions afterwards.

The prime minister’s press release said the two men “have undertaken this act for the sake of respecting the current legal proceedings taking place against them,” and they are “making room for justice so it may perform its mission.”

Bukoshi and Haraqija said they would  cooperate with the judiciary.