Bulgaria: “Most Powerful” Hacker Group Busted

Bulgarian authorities say that after months of investigation they have busted the “most powerful hacker group” in the country, the Cyber Warrior Invasion. 

Raids in nine cities Wednesday resulted in seized computers, various electronic devices, hard drives, and more than 200 CDs. Police characterized the action as “unprecedented.”

Using cyber “terrorist” methods, the group had attacked more than 500 websites worldwide, including those of financial institutions, web-based companies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. On the confiscated computers, police discovered databases with large amounts of stolen emails, social network profiles and associated passwords, as well as stolen credit card data.

The Sector for Computer Crimes, Intellectual Property and Gambling and the Chief Directorate for Fighting Organized Crime were involved in the operation.

Authorities said the hackers had a strict hierarchy and displayed “a high degree of organization and coordination.” At the top were “administrators,” followed by “moderators,” “scanning team,” "donors / sponsors,” “sectional moderators,” “friends,” "VIP members,” and “members.” The group used a complex system of hijacked “zombie” servers to cover up its tracks.

Prosecutors have initiated pre-trial proceedings.