Serbian Mobster Charged With Killing a Witness

Aleksandar Simovic, a former member of the Zemun clan from Belgrade, Serbia was charged with the 2006 murder of a fellow clan member who agreed to testify against the group, Novosti news reported on Thursday. Simovic was also charged with participating in the murder of the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003.

Simovic was charged with murdering Zoran Vukojevic, who told police about crimes committed by the Zemun clan. Vukojevic was killed in June 2006, and Simovic was arrested in November that year.

According to the indictment, Simovic, his brother Milos Simovic, Zoran “Povo” Povic, and several others ambushed Vukojevic in front of his house in Zemun. They then drove him to a location on the highway outside of Belgrade, where Simovic bludgeoned and then shot him. The gang set Vukojevic’s body on fire. Simovic and his brother were fugitives at the time.

Povic was seriously injured during the abduction, in a fight which allegedly broke out in the car while Vukojevic was being transported to the murder site. The gang took Povic to an emergency room, where he later died.

Simovic was further charged with illegal weapons possession. Among the weapons seized from his apartment was a gun used to kill Vukojevic.

Simovic is charged with 9 murders and three kidnappings which he committed as a member of the Zemun clan. Prosecutor Radisavljevic said that the indictment against Simovic was filed on January 13, and that the court approved it at the end of February. Simovic’s trial is set to begin on May 22.