“Minced” Remains Believed to Belong to Serbian Gangster

Published: 26 March 2012


Spanish police believe that remains they recently uncovered in a Madrid river may belong to former Zemun Clan gangster Milan Jurisic.

Jurisic has been in hiding since the 2003 assassination of former Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.  He was sentenced in absentia with several other gang members to 30 years’ jail time.

“I expect that as the investigation of the Spanish police continues, the possible murder of Jurisic will also be solved, which would put an end to the Zemun Clan and the mystery of whether any of them are still alive,” Serbian Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic said in Belgrade today.

According to Spanish media, the police learned about Jurisic’s remains from documents seized from the home of Luka Bojovic, one of three Zemun clan members recently arrested in Spain.

El Pais reports that Jurisic was murdered following a dispute with Bojovic over a woman.  A letter found in Bojovic’s apartment describes the gruesome way he allegedly killed then mutilated his fellow gang member. According to the letter, Jurisic was killed with a hammer, then “minced in a machine,” after which his remains were dumped in the Manzanares River.  The letter also says that Bojovic ate Jurisic’s prostate before grinding his body parts.

The letter then says that the gang members chopped up the body with a wood saw and then skinned Jurisic.

“The whole floor was filled with blood and fat,” says the letter, adding that Bojovic’s accomplices needed four to five days to clean it.

El Pais reports that police have found over 100 fragments of the body, including parts of the skull, enough to conduct a DNA matching analysis with Jurisic’s family members.

Police also reportedly found the handle of the machine used to crush the body when the body was recovered on Wednesday.

The Zemun clan’s former hitman Sretko Kalinic, who has been in police custody since his 2010 arrest in Croatia, confessed to murdering Jurisic and another member still considered a fugitive, Ninoslav Konstantinovic.

Reports in Croatia’s Nacional newspaper at the time of his arrest said that Kalinic had “literally dismembered Jurisic,” passed his body parts through a meat grinder, and thrown him into a river.  It is unclear whether Kalinic admitting killing Jurisic himself or in collaboration with Bojovic.

Kalinic also claimed he murdered Konstantinovic in Serbia.

Konstantinovic remains the only member of the gang who still has an active Interpol warrant for his arrest.