The Vienna Bank Job

A storied bank helped Eastern European bankers loot their own institutions.

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Banker On The Run

When Lithuania’s AB Bankas Snoras imploded in 2011, its main shareholders, Vladimir Antonov and Raimondas Baranauskas, had already left for the United Kingdom, where Antonov had accomplished ...
18 Nov 2019
Šarūnas Černiauskas (Tiriamosios žurnalistikos centras), Vlad Lavrov (OCCRP) and Michael Nikbakhsh (profil)

Court Dismissed: Montenegro Whistleblowers Fear Losing Legal Recourse

Top judge says public officials fired by Parliament have no right to appeal to the courts.
15 Nov 2019
Jared Ferrie

Prosecutors Drop Investigation Into Millions Missing From Montenegro Bank

Even as Atlas Bank was under interim management by the Central Bank, well-connected account holders managed to recover their millions. Ordinary citizens lost their savings.
7 Nov 2019

Before Campaigning for Trump, Manafort Plotted to Rig Ukraine Telecoms Deal, Leaked Emails Show

Leaked emails show how Trump’s former campaign manager plotted with two current Ukrainian legislators to snap up Ukraine’s public telephone operator.
4 Nov 2019

Exposed: The Ukrainian Politician Who Funded Paul Manafort’s Secret EU Lobbying Campaign

Serhiy Lovochkin, a Ukrainian MP and a leader of its largest opposition party, secretly funded the American lobbyist’s efforts to convince European leaders to sign an important ...
4 Nov 2019

Two Tractors Outside Rivne, Ukraine

Years ago, in rural Ukraine, a farmer’s tractor disappeared in the night. Months later, another tractor disappeared from another farm in almost exactly the same way.
28 Oct 2019




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