Questionable Paperwork Lets Fake and Faulty Masks Flood Europe

Substandard protective equipment for COVID-19 is being sold in over a dozen countries, using misleading certificates produced by businesses in the heart of Europe.


Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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The Players and the Paperwork: Romania’s Trade in Black Market Masks

Undercover reporters from OCCRP and RISE Romania found a trade run by dealers with ties to organized crime, enabled by shady paperwork and made profitable by unscrupulous ...
2 Jul 2020
Ana Poenariu and Andrei Ciurcanu (RISE Romania)

Kyrgyz Charity Run by Powerful Family Received Suspicious Funds Linked to Murdered Money Launderer

Nearly half of donations received by a well-known Kyrgyz charity run by the powerful Matraimov family have been linked to an illicit underground network.
29 Jun 2020
RFE/RL, OCCRP, Bellingcat, and Kloop

No Transparency in Kyrgyzstan’s Coronavirus Spending

Kyrgyzstan has collected hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the coronavirus pandemic. But how that money is being spent remains a mystery — and even a ...
24 Jun 2020
Alexandra Li

The Spoils of Russia’s Trash Reforms Go to the Well-Connected

Russia’s trash reforms were meant to close old landfills and introduce new waste management technologies across the country. But a year-long investigation by OCCRP member center IStories ...
23 Jun 2020
Roman Anin

Behind Vale's Deadly Dams, a Wave of Lobbying

Angelica Andrade will never forget January 25, 2019, the day her sister died. A member of a rescue team walks next to a collapsed tailings dam owned by ...
17 Jun 2020
Maurício Angelo

The Murky History of Russia's Largest Sports Betting Company

A chessmaster who sent money to the mob, a mysterious change of ownership just after a dramatic police raid, and connections to a massive financial laundromat — ...
16 Jun 2020
Roman Shleynov




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