Behind Trump’s Turkish ‘Bromance’: Oligarchs, Crooks, and a Multi-Million-Dollar Lobbying Deal

Turkey’s president has enjoyed an unusually powerful sway over the Trump administration. A new investigation reveals the relationship was built by a circle that...

Crime, Corruption and Coronavirus

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In Bed With a Dictator’s Daughter — Again

Even as Swedish telecom TeliaSonera emphatically denied bribing Gulnara Karimova, the company was busy negotiating another secret multi-million-dollar payment to the daughter of the late Uzbek president.
16 Sep 2020
Ola Westerberg (OCCRP), Joachim Dyfvermark (SVT), and Sven Bergman (SVT)

Biometric Bribery: Inside Semlex’s Global Playbook

Semlex is an unassuming Brussels-based company that supplies biometric documents such as passports and driving licenses to governments and international bodies.
9 Sep 2020

Powerful Slovak Businessman Cleared of Murdering Journalist

Marian Kočner, who was accused of masterminding the killing of Ján Kuciak and his fiancée, is cleared of murder.
3 Sep 2020
Pavla Holcová and Eva Kubániová ( and Laura Kellöová (

GROUP AMERICA: A US-Serbian Drug Gang With Friends In The Shadows

A low-profile US-Serbian gang has trafficked cocaine to Europe for decades. Some credit its longevity to friends in the shadows.
1 Sep 2020

Holy Rollers: The Religious Leaders Using Churches to Launder Illicit Cash Across the Americas

When Erik Súñiga died in U.S. custody in April, he left a rich religious and political legacy in the Guatemalan town where he founded an evangelical church, ...
27 Aug 2020
Columbia Journalism Investigations and CLIP

The Quiet Man in Stockholm Who Laundered China’s Oil Money for Iran

By all outward appearances, Hatam Khatoun Nema was a small-time money changer working from a nondescript office in Järfälla, a workaday Stockholm suburb.
24 Aug 2020




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