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FAQ: What is Correspondent Banking?

Banks often help each other carry out cross-border transactions using a system known as correspondent banking. The process is central to the global financial...

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Duplicity and Destitution: How Sierra Leone’s Artisanal Diamonds Fail to Benefit Local Communities

Every day, forty-six year-old Dia walks into the jungle to seek exhausting, dangerous and precarious work in the diamond pits that pockmark the landscape of Kono District ...
18 Nov 2022
Josef Skrdlik (OCCRP), Oliver Dunn

Unwitting Wealth: How a Local Official Scooped up a Georgian Village

The head of the village appears to have abused a new land-titling system intended to help illiterate farmers, using it to take control of a chunk of ...
16 Nov 2022
Aidan Iusubova (iFact) and Mariam Kachkachashvili (iFact)

Battling 41 “SLAPP” Cases, OCCRP Network Launches In-House Legal Defense Fund

Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) are meant to silence, intimidate, and financially burden journalists and media organizations. We’re fighting back.
11 Nov 2022

Opinion: Assigning the Real Blame in a Lebanese Tragedy

Last Friday, tens of thousands of Lebanese viewers watched in horror as a businessman collapsed live on air during a video interview with two prominent investigative journalists. Protesters ...
9 Nov 2022
Rana Sabbagh (OCCRP)

Rwanda Fed False Intelligence to U.S. and Interpol As It Pursued Political Dissidents Abroad

Rwandan dissidents have claimed that President Paul Kagame has used dirty tactics to go after his critics abroad. Now, a classified FBI report obtained by OCCRP confirms ...
4 Nov 2022
Carlos Mureithi (OCCRP) and Kira Zalan (OCCRP)

Violent Threats Against Journalists Point to Lingering Impunity in Bosnian Police

A senior police official in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina threatened to rip a journalist’s throat out. Widely hailed as a war hero, Zoran Čegar has ...
3 Nov 2022
Ilya Lozovsky (OCCRP)




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