Fellowships for Investigative Reporters and Newsroom Grants

Fellowships for Investigative Reporters and Newsroom Grants

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is offering investigative journalism fellowships for Pacific Islands reporters as well as investigative reporting grants to regional news organizations. OCCRP is a global network of reporters who specialize in complex, hard-hitting stories into transnational crime and kleptocracy. We work in high risk environments, using advanced technology and old-school reporting to uncover wrongdoing by the world’s powerful. From big leaks like the Pandora Papers to our exposes of dictators’ stolen fortunes, our reporting is based in broad, global collaboration.

The reporting fellowships are open to all Pacific Islands journalists, and allow for journalists to be paid while they pursue investigative stories. We are similarly offering grants to news organizations themselves in order to support this. The length of fellowships and grants, as well as whether they are full- or part-time, is flexible. Fellowships are on a rolling basis starting in late 2021.

Fellowships and grants are being offered in tandem with training courses organized by OCCRP for Pacific Islands journalist. OCCRP is also hiring two editorial positions in the region. Applicants are encouraged to apply for jobs, trainings and fellowships.

Those interested in grants and fellowships should contact Senior Pacific Islands Investigations Editor Aubrey Belford (aubrey[at]occrp.org). Please send a brief email introducing yourself and explaining why you want to take part, along with a CV and links to your reporting.

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