• Cypriot Ethics Committee: Threats against Media “Inappropriate”

    The Cypriot press ethics committee slammed on Monday the president’s former law firm for threatening to sue media that published a report claiming the firm facilitated transactions to companies suspected of money laundering.

  • How IOS Group Supersized the Shell Company Game

    Multiple financial scandals uncovered in recent years have relied on the shadowy world of offshore shell companies to make them work. In case after case, the schemes have one thing in common: The companies were created by a corporate formation agent called IOS Group.

  • The Troika Laundromat’s Friendly EU Banker

    Troika Dialog, once Russia’s largest private investment bank, couldn’t have set up and run the Troika Laundromat without Vladimir Romanov’s Ukio Bankas. The lender shuttled billions of dollars through secretive offshore companies to benefit Russia’s elite.

  • The EU’s New Action Plan to Fight Money Laundering

    European Parliament on Tuesday adopted drastic new measures to tackle financial crime, including setting up an anti-money laundering watchdog and a financial police force, as well as the complete phasing out of the Golden Visas program.

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