• Report: Corrupted Ukrainian Bank Lost US$5.5bn

    Privatbank, Ukraine’s biggest lender, lost at least US $5.5 billion during a decade of systemic corruption, an investigation by corporate consultants Kroll revealed on Tuesday.

  • Ukraine’s Top Bank Lent Owner’s Lieutenants $1 Billion Before Nationalization

    Between mid-2015 and mid-2016, Privatbank, the largest bank in Ukraine, handed out over US$ 1 billion in loans to firms owned by seven top managers and two subordinates of its owner at the time, Ihor Kolomoisky, according to a copy of its 2016 loan book reviewed by a reporter for OCCRP. Subsequently, in December 2016, the bank was nationalized after the government found that it was severely undercapitalized, threatening the country’s financial system.

    The headquarters of Privatbank in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Photo: Privatbank)The headquarters of Privatbank in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Photo: Privatbank)

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