• US: Global Magnitsky Act Passed to Senate

    Sergey MagnitskiSergei MagnitskyA United States bill which would allow authorities to bar corrupt foreign officials and those responsible for human rights abuses from entering the US and using its financial institutions has moved a step closer to possible adoption.

  • Grand Theft Moldova

    The bank theft was so outsized and bold that citizens of the Republic of Moldova came out in the streets this past May by the thousands to protest: “We want our billion back!”

    They used the number -- US$ 1 billion – that news accounts reported had gone missing from three Moldovan banks in November of 2014.  Unsure who to blame, the protestors denounced the government, politicians, banks and organized crime.

  • France Latest to Investigate the Magnitsky Affair

    French authorities have launched an investigation into money laundering and organized crime activities in France, Monaco and Luxembourg connected to the Magnitsky Affair, the largest tax fraud in Russian history.

  • Tests Show Russian Whistleblower May Have Been Killed by Rare Poison

    A Russian businessman who collapsed and died in 2012 while jogging near his home may have been killed by a rare poison, a new toxicology test has indicated.

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