• Venezuela: Russian Cash vs. US Sanctions

    As the US tried through sanctions to limit Venezuela’s involvement in the global financial system as a way to oust Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro, Russia shipped loads of cash to the South American country.

  • Guaido Opposition Accused of Embezzlement

    As opposition leader Juan Guaido’s battle to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was making international headlines, some in his interim government were spending aid money on lavish dinners, hotels, nightclubs and shopping trips, according to a PanAm Post investigation published on Friday.

  • Report: In Venezuela, Cartels Are Part of Regime

    If Nicolas Maduro wins another term, cocaine cartels will further secure their foothold in the government, InSight Crime reported Thursday.

  • Gold and Chaos in Orinoco

    A joint investigation by Efecto Cocuyo and OCCRP ​explores the Orinoco Mining Arc — the Venezuelan government's controversial attempt to find new sources of wealth — and the devastating effects of the mining on the people who live there.


  • Venezuela’s Ex-Prosecutor: President Maduro is involved in Corruption

    A day after President Nicolas Maduro said he would seek an international arrest warrant against her, Venezuela’s sacked chief prosecutor accused him of corruption, Business Insiderreported on Wednesday.

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