hugo chavez

  • Plunging Venezuela into the Dark

    During the rule of Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan government awarded generous electricity contracts and oil concessions to a group of young businessmen who built power plants during a series of widespread blackouts. Almost 10 years later, as Venezuela continues to struggle with its electricity supply, leaked documents reveal more about the deals.

  • The Chavez Man and His Millions

    Venezuela's economy is in ruins, but there are still fortunes to be made. One of these — estimated to be worth $100 million — is that of a man named Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas. And he's not just a businessman. For years Aguilera served the country's revolutionary leader, Hugo Chavez, as a bodyguard, later rising to lead its security agency. How did he make his money after leaving the socialist government?


  • Ex-Venezuelan Treasurer Sentenced for Taking $1b in Bribes

    A former Venezuelan national treasurer was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Tuesday after pleading guilty to receiving over US$1 billion in bribes as part of a currency exchange and money laundering scheme, the United States Department of Justice said.

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