Gulf of Guinea

  • Eight Sent to Prison in Togo’s First Piracy Trial

    A court in Togo issued extensive prison sentences to eight maritime pirates on Monday for the attempted hijacking of a tanker ship in May of 2019. It’s the first time that pirates have been tried and sentenced in a country where maritime piracy has been an ongoing serious problem. 

  • Report: Pirates Return to the Caribbean, but West Africa Still Hotspot

    Despite the decrease in trade and travel brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic, 2020 saw a distinct rise in maritime piracy at some of the usual hotspots around the world but with a concerning trend emerging in the Gulf of Mexico which could become a new hunting ground for modern pirates, maritime security experts said.

  • Pirates Kill 1, Capture 15 Crew Members Off West Africa

    Pirates killed one and kidnapped 15 crew members of a Turkish cargo ship on Saturday in the latest attack on vessels sailing off the coast of West Africa -- the most dangerous region in the world for piracy.

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