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  • Mexican Police Kills Crime Boss after Mass Prison Break

    While trying to recapture him, Mexican police killed early Thursday morning the leader of a criminal group only days after he and other inmates escaped from prison when members of his gang stormed the facility on January 1, leaving 17 people dead.

  • Mexican Governor: Ruling Party Impeding Corruption Probe

    Chihuahua governor Javier Corral alleges that the government of President Peña Nieto is denying his state financial resources in order to stop a corruption probe implicating high-ranking party officials and close aides of the President, the Guardian reported Tuesday.

  • Mexico: Pena-Nieto Ally Arrested for Graft Scheme

    A veteran figure of Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was arrested in December for diverting public funds to his party’s gubernatorial election campaigns in a failed effort to boost the PRI’s faltering popularity.

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