arms dealing

  • Spain: Hefty Sentences Sought for Graft in Saudi Arms Deals

    Spanish prosecutors are seeking decades-long sentences for eight individuals suspected of having bribed Saudi officials to get contracts to export weapons, as part of an investigation into corruption that had been going on for 25 years, El Mundo reported.  

  • Sprouting Weapons of War

    An Israeli contractor paid to grow food for South Sudan has been sanctioned for selling arms to the government instead. Here’s where the money may have come from.


  • Theatre of War


    In just a few years, Pierre Konrad Dadak rose from a small-time Parisian fraudster to become a top representative for one of Central Europe’s biggest arms companies. The Spanish police who arrested Dadak believe he is a global arms trafficker, in bed with the French gangsters. His former business partners say his arms deals were fakes, designed to defraud them of money. Either way, high-level connections in his ancestral Poland appear to have protected him.

  • UK Jails Two Men in the "Premier League" of Arms Trafficking

    Two men described in court as the "premier league" of firearms suppliers were jailed Monday for selling weapons from the dark web to organized crime gangs across the UK.

  • U.S. Authorities Claim Kosovo Consulate Driver Dealt Arms to Mexican Cartel

    The driver for the Kosovo Consulate in New York was among eight people arrested for trafficking arms and drugs and laundering money for Italian and Kosovo criminal groups as well as for Mexican drug cartels, BIRN reported Friday.

  • Italy Arrests 68 Suspected Mafia-affiliates for Stealing Food from Migrants

    Italian authorities said Monday they arrested 68 suspected members of a ‘Ndrangheta mafia group that stole food from migrants at Italy’s largest reception center, siphoning off over 30 million euros in state funds.

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