Natalia Abril Bonilla

Natalia Abril Bonilla


Natalia Abril Bonilla joined OCCRP in 2021 as a researcher for Latin America. She is a journalist and a sociologist with experience researching agrarian property rights and land distribution. Previously, Natalia worked as an investigative journalist for Cuestión Pública, an OCCRP partner in Colombia, and was part of a team that tracked down the companies, networks, and properties of public officials in Colombia.

Natalia is also an associate researcher at the Observatory for the Restitution and Regulation of Agrarian Property Rights in Colombia, a research center that focuses on agrarian studies, armed conflict, and the state. She has written research papers on land policies and rural social movements, and authored a book about poverty in peasant communities. Natalia is currently finishing a master’s degree in development studies and social policy at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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